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Quality Score

At MatchOffice our goal is to supply the best leads in the business to our providers every day.

To improve the quality of the leads we send you, our providers, we introduce a new point system at MatchOffice called Quality Score. This system acts as a checklist on how to improve the quality of the leases you have on our website.

Why should I, as a provider spend time on improving the quality of my ads?

By improving the quality of the listings, potential customers can determine more easily whether your lease is the perfect lease for them. At the same time, you increase the chances of renting out your property faster.

in dddition to the more qualified leads we will be able to send you, a good quality score gives your ads more attention. The “score” of the ad will hereby influence which placement your ad will get on our listviews.

The bottom line: The more points you have, the higher the position your listing will have on our listview.

What does the “Quality Score” involve and how do I get a high score?

The Quality Score consists of 8 factors which each give distinct points.

The 8 factors influencing your ad’s Quality Score are:

Below we'll elaborate on the specific factors and give good advice on how to collect points for the factors.

NB: The Quality Score cannot be seen by potential customers or other providers. Only you and your colleagues with access to admin can see the quality score of each ad.

Pictures (min. 3)

A picture is worth 1000 words, which we have heard many times. Likewise, we know from the tenants that pictures mean a lot when considering whether the lease seems interesting. Hence, we recommend that you provide at least 3 pictures on your ad where you display the lease in an optimal way.

It is a good idea to show all parts of the lease. Both the more central parts of the lease and the more practical parts such as kitchen/kitchenette, restrooms, storage rooms and so on.

Furthermore, make sure that the quality of the pictures are good, so the pictures seem attractive and inspiring for the potential tenant. To upload pictures in your ad, it is a requirement that the pictures are 900 x 600 pixel in size.



A video is an incredible way to display your property because you can combine motion pictures with text and music. To have a video on the ad would give the potential tenants an idea of how your leases are constructed and decorated.

To make your video as a guided tour can give a good first impression and the feasibility to visualise the possibilities of you property.

Presentation Video

Floor Plan

A floor plan is a great tool to provide an image to the potential tenants on how their new lease is or can be arranged before they visit it. We know from our users that ads with a floor plan get more showings than ads without one. The floor plan helps to put your other pictures into perspective and gives the ultimate overview of the lease.

Create a floor plan online here (external link).

Floor plan

Virtual tour

With an indoor virtual tour, you make the pictures and floor plans come alive and it makes it possible to discover 360-degree pictures within your lease.

A virtual tour uses the same technology among others as Google Street View, showing pictures directly from the street.

With a virtual tour, it thus becomes easier for the tenants to decide whether the leases are the right ones before they book a viewing.

Virtual tour

Description (min. 700 characters)

The description of the lease is important. In this, you have the possibility to explain to a potential tenant, which possibilities are present in your lease, what is included and not included within the rental of your lease along with other factors that tell more about it.

If you offer facilities such as a reception or a lunch programme and if the location is unique – then please describe it. That can be the determining factor to whether the tenant chooses to take a closer look and book a viewing.

If it is a good description of the lease then it also helps to attract the user who searches more specifically in Google, to find his or her leases directly through MatchOffice. The description can thus give you both more inquiries and more potential leads.

Our recommendation for an ad, which is adequate (neither too long nor too short), has a description of 500-900 characters.

To put it in perspective, the text above (marked in italic) is approximately 700 characters.


Facilities (min. 1)

By stating the facilities of the lease, you show potential tenants what the lease has to offer and what they can access.

At the same time, the facilities help to compare your lease with another one. Are two leases very similar the statement of facilities can be of great importance to the tenant and his or her decision to consider your lease? As an example, the tenant could be looking for a lease with a reception and since you have stated a reception as a facility, it will be a plus.



If you have created a prospectus for your lease, make sure to include it in the ad. This gives the potential tenant an easy and effortless overview of the different details relating to the lease, so the tenant more comfortably can decide on whether your lease is the right one.


Partner badge has developed a partner badge which will be shown on your ad. With a partner badge the ad will stand out from other ads while you simultaneously show that you have a good and long-term cooperation with

To get a partner badge on your ad, a requirement is that you insert a badge on your website. Read more about our partner badge here.

Partner badge

Newly created ad

If you just created an ad for your lease on our website your ad will be on the top of our listviews. This automatically makes your ad more visible and makes it easier for potential tenants to see that the lease is new on our lists.

Newly created ad
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